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Swan Family Summer Package

Swan Family Summer Package


Enjoy this summer "Swan Family Package" as the largest package option. Automatic free shipping! Picnic for the family with a nice blanket with TTSS patch that rolls and and has sleek underside for easy clean up. This large rolling cooler comes with the TTSS logo patch on it and is a nice small addition to take your lunch in this cooler that has a heat-sealed, water-resistant lining for easy cleanup. Pick your 3rd option for this package between a nice ladies distressed hat, unisex hat, or Wide "Keep Calm and Paddle On" Tote. 

**Wide Tote is currently out of stock in Natural/Khaki, check back for that color later!**

Color Blanket
Color Rolling Cooler
3rd Item Color
  • Package Details

    1. Picnic Blanket 

    2. Large Rolling Cooler

    3. Pick your item! Distressed Ladies Hat, Unisex Twill Hat, or Wide Tote Bag!

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