Thank you for visiting our website and welcome to the official home of Gameday Sportswear! Here, we are known for our custom spiritwear, online T-shirt ordering and screen printing and embroidery. Before we get too far into our services, let us tell you just how Gameday Sportswear came to be.


Let's go back 18 years ago, when a young mother decided to start making T-shirts for her 6 year old son's wrestling team as a fundraiser. As the season went on, she was requested to do more and more T-shirts, but not just for her son's wrestling team. Soon, she started setting up displays at local wrestling events, working out of her garage and trying to come up with different designs to fit all different types of needs.


Now, 18 years later, what transformed as a mom doing T-shirt orders from her garage became Gameday Sportswear with its own retail location in New Franklin, Ohio. Gameday Sportswear is travels across the country for a variety of events with unique and special designs with a team that's a force to be reckoned with.


Our processes now go way beyond just custom printed T-shirts. We specialize in custom embroidery on items like letterman jackets, bags and blankets. We are able to make special designed window stickers, car decals, luggage tags, pillow cases, lanyards, coasters and onesies.


What makes us unique is that we tailor 100% to the customer. We do not charge for creating your artwork or any set-up fees. We carry many local school designs that we are able to print on site, so feel free to come in and check them out! If you would like a new design, or you don't see your school, we will design something for you and have your special item ready within a couple week's time. 





Gina Bennett

General Manager

Mark Sipos

Contact him here for general inquiries info@shopgameday.net.

Production Director

Jill Ross

Jill Ross


Jill will help you with any kind of order you could possibly need. Reach her at orders@shopgameday.net.

Director of Marketing and Social Media


Handles all of our marketing needs from internet to direct mail. Inquiries about marketing contact marketing@shopgameday.net.

Spiritwear Orders

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Kim Harris

Lead Graphic Designer

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Andrew Devol

Graphic Designer

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Brandon "Buster"

Lead Screen Printer

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Store Associate

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Gameday Sportswear is known for custom spiritwear, online custom design T-shirt ordering and screen printing and embroidery.